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Personal Story

Having grown up in Asheville, Marley has seen this sleepy mountain town transform first hand into the growing market that we see today. There was a time when his grandfather would say, “you could let off a cannon downtown on a Saturday and you wouldn’t hit anyone”. Now it’s hard to find parking on a Monday afternoon.

Marley grew up on the Warren Wilson College campus and has always had a love for these beautiful mountains and all that this area has to offer. While attending college at Warren Wilson, he met the girl who he would end up marrying 9 years later. Together along with their new kitten, they live in Swannanoa, just outside of Asheville in a tranquil and secluded valley, sprawling with pastureland, creeks and surrounded by the Pisgah National Forest.

Prior to establishing himself in the real estate world, Marley was a top producer at a local wine distribution company and has also spent half a decade as a marketing consultant, supporting local businesses in his backyard. Through his marketing career, he became fascinated by the real estate industry and has worked with numerous real estate firms and brokers and has drawn great insight which has enriched his own career in real estate.

As a die hard soccer fan, he played all through college and now captains an adult league team with his childhood best friend. Weekends are filled with family, friends, playing soccer, watching soccer and drinking wine.

In his own words

”As long as investing in real estate is a smart financial investment while also being a powerful emotional experience, I’m dedicated to aiding clients in navigating all their real estate needs, while being as supportive and informative as I possibly can be.”


Top 5% of producers at Revlocal in 2020

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant for 3 years