Who we are.

The Hinton Realty Group was founded on the principle that property is personal. Our approach is grounded in the belief that expertise, innovation, and collaboration are the keys to investment success. At The Hinton Realty Group, we offer more than just transactional sales, and aim to bring our role as long-term strategic advisors to each client relationship.

Guided by values, always.


At the heart of our brand lies a deep-rooted belief in genuine relationships and transparent communication. We prioritize forming real connections with our clients and being an integral part of the local community, showcasing the unique qualities of the Asheville area with sincerity and honesty.


We believe in providing an exceptional real estate experience by focusing on the details, understanding our clients' needs, and upholding high standards in our services. Our keen perception of the aesthetics and quality that our clients desire ensures a tailored and satisfying property journey tailored to their unique preferences.


Our brand stands firmly for representing our clients' best interests and being their informed advisors throughout the real estate journey. We are dedicated to guiding clients through every step of the process, emphasizing trustworthiness and professionalism, while fostering a personal and friendly connection.

Expertise for all your needs.

At The Hinton Realty Group, we're not just real estate professionals; we're your neighbors, friends, and partners in navigating Asheville's unique property market. Our experienced team values authenticity, quality, and advocacy in all aspects of our work, ensuring that each client receives personalized and caring service.

We're committed to understanding your needs and building real relationships, showcasing our in-depth knowledge of Asheville's vibrant neighborhoods. Ready to learn more about what sets us apart? Discover our story and the dedicated team behind The Hinton Realty Group.

Our areas of expertise:

Market Analysis

Strategic Planning

Investment Analysis

Expert Marketing

Local Connections

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